Promeris For Dogs Works Equally Great On It

Published: 16th February 2011
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Promeris is a very successful medicine for fighting off fleas from both cats and dogs. The Promeris for dogsí variety is specially designed to be used on dogs only. The main target of Promeris for dogs is to kill all fleas but according to research this medicine has also proven to be capable of effecting dog scabies. This type of situation is not itchy for the dog as it lies in the hair follicle and not on the skin of the dog. At the same time it is not contagious but needs to be quickly dealt with and Promeris for dogs works equally great on it.

You might need some guidance on how to apply Promeris for dogs as it can be a little tricky if you are doing it for the first time. If your dog is very jumpy and hard to control then its better you find a partner who could assist you while you apply Promeris for dogs. The package comes will full instructions on how to open the applicator bottle and use it but with more practice you will get the hang of it. Basically the main point you should be aware of is that Promeris for dogs is not to be applied on the hair of your dog rather on the skin. And the exact spot where you should apply it on the back of your dog between its shoulder blades.

The amount of Promeris for dogs that you will need to apply varies from one dog to another and instructions regarding that will also be given on the packaging for Promeris for dogs. The amount of application comes separately packed so you donít have to worry about having to measure out certain amounts of the solution and then applying it. Most packs of Promeris for dogs come with six application packs in it. They usually have to be applied again every other week. This procedure is repeated until all six packs of the Promeris for dogs are consumed. This helps ensure that the flea infection has been completely erased.

If you still donít see any signs of improvement after using the full application of Promeris for dogs then you better take your dog to a vet. Plus while usage of Promeris for dogs, if your dog is constantly itching itself than again it will be best to get it checked by a vet because there may be some other serious condition that your dog has that would need other medication.

Promeris for dogs is easily available from all pet stores and vet offices. Apart from that you can easily buy it from any website only and have it delivered at your door step. When it comes to buying Promeris for dogs you will find both generic and branded products. Since the generic products are also regulated by the FDA they are equally safe and work just as well as any branded product. Therefore if you are looking to save money buy a generic Promeris for dogs.

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